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Stand-Up Comedy

Featuring the Best Stand-Up Comedy Talent in the DFW area for your Events & Parties

Todd Justice - Clean Comedy!

Having worked in casinos, clubs, for companies, and our U.S. troops literally all over the world, Todd brings a Texas-sized load of fun to any occasion. Topics include being from Texas, Christmas, family, standup comedy, traveling, etc. His facial expressions alone leave audiences rolling in the aisles!

For 15 years now, Comedy Justice has been served up on a golden plate of mock sarcasm and agony. Todd takes any misery of life and makes it unbearably funny, with one-liners flying and true hilarious stories you wouldn't believe. After two years in the Air Force, then selling appliances and not quite succeeding as a musician ... he stumbled upon comedy. By that time, he had plenty of material! In January of 2004, he released his debut comedy cd, "AND JUSTICE FOR Y'ALL." The disc has garnered rave reviews and national airplay on XM, Sirius, AllComedy and Comedy101 radio. Later that same year, he was able to bring his own brand of laughter to the US troops across Europe and Asia, Bahrain (twice), Kuwait and Iraq. Justice has appeared on TV's "Family Feud", Ed McMahon's NextBigStar, as a Catholic softball catcher on the upcoming comedy release "Boys of Summerville" (his first major role), and his left ear has even appeared as an extra on the short-lived series "LAX".

LOL - "LAWS OF LIFE" Todd's latest endeavor is a brand new, squeaky clean, motivational comedy show entitled "Laws of Life". This presentation is a unique blend of common sense rules of conduct and behavior mixed cleverly with observational humor and laugh-out-loud storytelling. The humor is geared towards the unfortunate souls who may occasionally break the rules and reap the consequences of inappropriate decision-making. The beauty of the humor used in this speech is that neither vulgarity nor suggestive or offensive language is ever used. Mr. Justice uses the art of laughter and fun to make any often-boring topic both enjoyable and educational. After introducing the Laws Of Life theme, Todd easily illustrates the purpose and value of each message with an anecdote or story. In this way, he will be leading your group with tried and true proven humor. This presentation is clean, funny, and informative. Todd also has the flexibility to add funny quips gleaned from inside information prior to your gathering and deliver personalized humor for your group, thus making each presentation a unique experience. Hire Mr. Justice and you can be confident that everyone will enjoy a fun and exciting event!




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