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If you are in search for the right video arcade game for your party look no further -- rent an entire arcade from arcade specialists.  We will provide just the right arcade setup needed for your party or special event.  .  

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We offer a variety of new and nostalgic arcade and pinball games.  Vintage 80's games and classic pinball machines -- Galaga, Ms. Pacman, Space Invaders just to name a few as well as classic western, hunting and sports games.


Don't forget to check out our Sports Simulators page for other alternatives and ask about our Virtual Reality setup which is becoming a must have for futuristic parties.   Just call us or fill out the form online for any additional information you may need.  

Many more games not listed as we buy/trade and sell as well.
King of Hammer/Striker

King of Hammer/Striker


mario bros.jpg

Super Mario Bros.


Not in new shape. game is 25 years old

available for 
most games
bbq pinball.jpg


DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard / Bowling

DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual

Shuffleboard / Bowling


Lucky Crane Machine


Area 51 Arcade Game

Area 51


captop crane claw machine.jpg

Modern Claw Game


Toy House Crane Machine



2023 model DDR

 Dance Dance Revolution








Any Console Game System


Mega 4 Player PacMan Royale



$840 per lane

(3 available)

Strike A Light Arcade Game

Strike A Light


Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 9.36.44 PM.png

Jumpin' Jackpot

Light moving jump rope game


Worlds Largest Pacman 



$560 per seat


Arcade Operation Game

Non-arcade version $440


vending machine.png

$360 per day or

$800 for up to 1 week

spider box arcade game.jpg

$440 per day

Virtual Reality Ride 'Em Cowboy Game

You ride a VR bike to control a horse and try to lasso the bandits.  You lean left and right to get your horse to move that direction.  And pedal to make your horse go faster. Handle triggers to work the lasso. Many other game options and can switch during the event. 

Such a great game. 

  • Game system with full 360 sensors

  • VR headset 360 degree

  • VR bike

  • Attendant to do full service attendant.

  • Belt stanchions to create the VR 10x8 area

  • 50” TV so guests can see the game played.

Up to 3 hours and $75 each additional 30 mins.
Plus tax. Waive delivery fee for your first booking.

$500-600 for VR without the bike.

Over 20 games and just relax and enjoy the scenery options.

up to 3 hours

delivery, setup nad pickup extra. 

Great for western t
hemed events and health days. We have 6 setups.


*   Charge is : Price per game, per day. + tax..  Discounts available on multi-day Bookings.

*   Trucking, delivery, setup and, if you wish to have someone onsite during, is extra

*   Trucking and delivery/setup fees are based on the order, trucks needed, size of truck and staff needed to move the game/s.

*   If multiple games are ordered and/or an unfamiliar venue, we will need to do a site visit to make sure we can get the game(s) in to your event location -- this  site visit is FREE.

•    Most games are best out of sunlight in under 82 degree F.  High humidity can also be an issue and  games might have to be turned off during these conditions. 

*   We do recommend you add a tech to your order to oversee the game(s) during your event hours. We try to include a tech at no cost on larger orders.   Although very rare; some games can malfunction just like in any arcade. We do require a call anytime/any day of any game not working properly at the time of the issue as we can fix most issues over the phone and/or dispatch a tech immediately.

Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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