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WOW Entertainment / Dallas AV FAQ




Who We Are


We are first and foremost a well-known event company.  Aside from doing everything imaginable for events, we have a large AV department to take care of your audio visual needs for your next event.

Below for AV rental with client picking up the gear.


Rental pickup location (if renting from us for pickup by you)

We are located by Love Field Airport.  Since we like to prep, double check the gear, and be ready for our clients when they arrive .. we only give our exact address when we send you a contract and it is signed and confirmed by you.  This procedure helps us stay focused at the office/warehouse without having unexpected visitors.  


Pickup times and any other pickup/drop off locations.


If you choice to pickup the gear (we do offer delivery,setup,pack up and onsite techs to run the gear if needed) We like all pickups to be picked up from 9:15am to 4:30pm Monday- Friday.  On occasion, if we are not too busy with events, we can schedule an earlier or later pickup or drop off.    For an extra fee we can meet you for a pickup outside our warehouse.  In addition, sometimes, we can meet in Plano with a few days' notice for pickup and/or returns.


Audio / visual rentals -24 hr. support.  What should I do if I have an issue?


We have a 24-hour text support.  972-814-6465.  Have an issue?  You will need to notify us during the setup of your event or as soon as you notice any type of issue.   In most cases, we can walk you through via text/phone.  You can hire us to deliver, setup and run the equipment during the event — if you wish to concentrate your energy on the actual event.


Sending another person to pickup gear for you.


You will need to inform us ahead of time if you are sending someone else to pickup your gear.  We will need his/her full name and cell phone number.  We will also need that person to provide us with a valid driver’s license and a credit card for us to copy and keep on file in their name.  We will NOT charge that person’s credit card if your gear has been paid ahead of the pickup by you.  If no payment has been received, the gear will not leave the warehouse until it is paid for in full by you or your designated pickup person. :)

Anyone can return the gear.


Nine (9)% Damage Waiver- What does it cover?


We do charge a 9% damage waiver for pick-up items..    This covers breakage only during the rental.   This is not refundable and does not cover lost or gear that is not returned. 


Waiver not available on carpet rentals.  


Type of car/van for picking up and returning rental items?


We specifically ask that our clients NOT use pickup trucks or any vehicle that has an open or unsecured back to transport our gear.   We hold the right to refuse to release our equipment if you or anyone designated by you attempts to place the rental items in a vehicle without a closed and secured back and the damage waiver is voided and not refundable if you use such vehicle.


How soon in advance should i place my order?


We get this question a lot.  We recommend you make your reservation as soon as you confirm with your company and know a date of pickup, drop off, and estimated times to do so as well as who will pick up the gear — if it is not you.   We do sell out on some prime dates / weekends.   It is all about whether we have the gear available when you make your reservation.   First come, first serve that is how we run our AV department so please keep that in mind.  Once you make the reservation, please give us 36 hours to type it up and send you confirmation.   You will have two business days to confirm by sending back the filled out contract otherwise the gear can be release for another costumer.   

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