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Table, GIANT and LED Games

Table, GIANT and LED Games

Looking for a ping pong (table tennis), foosball or pool table?  Look no further than here!  Not only does WOW offer a variety of quality and professional size tables, but we now offer LED options for 80's themed parties as well as blacklight events.  

WOW offers a variety of table and GIANT games for your corporate or personal event/s.  We are one of the few companies that have 8-player foosball, GIANT Battleship, Connect 4, Operations game and many more.  At our warehouse we also design and make our own GIANT and LED table games.   If you dream it we can make it.   Just call our number or fill out the form online for any additional information you may need.

* Truck delivery, setup and pickup are extra and are    based on the order size, number of trucks/crew needed, event times, day of week and how easy it is to     load in to your venue.

* Our minimum trucking order is $650

Shuffleboard Table Game
Ping Pong Table Game


Ping Pong


Space:  3x12 

Power: N/A 

(12ft. in length)


Space:  4x9 (player space)

Power:  N/A

(Game includes 4 paddles and 8 balls)

Air Hockey


Space:  4x8 + player space

Power:  5-amps

(Game includes 4 paddles and 3 pucks)

Air Ride 2 LED Air Hockey Table


LED Air Hockey Table
with LED field Chasing lights

Giant Chess


Space:  20x20

Power:  N/A

* Please let us know if the ground is

    un-even or on grass.  

(An underlayer of boards are available for rental for an additional $50)

Giant Checkers


Space:  20x20

Power:  N/A

* Please let us know if the ground is un-even or on grass.  

(An under-layer of boards is available

for rental for an additional $50)

Pool Table Game
Foosball Table Game

Pool Tables

Foosball Table

$280 (an LED version below)

Space:  4x9

Power: N/A

* 4x7 and 4x8 sizes available for rental

(Game includes 8 and 9 ball racks, set of balls, 4 cue sticks with rack)


Space:  4x6 + room for players

Power:  N/A

(Game includes 2-3 balls)

Single Player Pop-a-shot



Space:  4x8

Power:  1-amp (models come with or without power)

* We can bring a battery pack on request

(Attendant is extra if needed)


Space:  3x9

Power:  Battery operated

* We provide standard basketballs, or if  you wish, slightly smaller sized ones.

(This setup has times and a score board)


Arcade Darts

Corn Hole Set


Space:  4x6

Power:  2-amps

* Game includes 4 sets of 3 darts per unit

(4-player game)

$80 set of 2

Light Up Version $90 for set of 2

Space:  Depends on venue

Power:  N/A

* Game includes 8 bean bags — 2 colors

(We can print custom tops for $240 per set)

Corn Hole Custom Printed Tops

$80 set of Cowboys tops

$160 per set if you supply art work (includes the printing)

$240 if we have to create/design the artwork

Space:  Depends on venue

Power:  N/A

(Game includes 8 bean bags — 2 colors)



Space: 4x10

Power:  N/A

8 Player Foosball Table

(see below for LED version)

Special $195

Space:  8x8

Power:  N/A

Giant Connect 4

Giant Scrabble


Space:  20x20

Power: N/A

Portable Horse Shoe Sets

$240 per set (includes 2)

Space:  5x8

Power:  N/A

Tether Ball

Giant Beer Pong


Space:  6x6

Power:  N/A

$195  a side

Power:  N/A

* This game requires box truck to deliver
* Game includes two volleyball- type balls

(Attendant is extra if needed)

Portable Volleyball Setup

Bubble Hockey

$360 complete

Space:  Per venue

* Game includes 3 volleyballs, regulations size net and two regulations size poles with bases.

(Attendant is extra if needed)


Space:  4x6

Power:  1 amp

Giant Lite Brite

LED Ping Pong Table


  22”(D) x 67”(W) x 80”(T)

Power:  2-amps

(Attendant is extra if needed)


Battery operated lights

Space:  4x8


LED light up version Pool Table

Giant Corn Hole set


Dimensions: 4x9 foot space

(Comes with accessories to play)




Each board is 5.5 x 7 foot

(Game includes 2 boards and 8 sand bags)

Giant Battle Ship

LED Beer Pong Table


Dimensions:  6x14 foot space and 6 foot tall

(Attendant is extra to help tell other side if you wish to have the game go faster,

otherwise they wear headphones)


Dimensions:  8x3 foot space plus space for the players.

power:  1-amp

(Includes cups and the balls)

washer toss game.jpg

Horse Racing table game

Washer Toss Game


Space:  3.5 x 8

Power:  N/A

attendant extra if needed.

Many ways of playing

Cards, Dice, Spinning Wheel, Trivia


Two sets blue and red included

Giant Operation Game


Space:  10x10

Power:  N/A

(Attendant is extra if needed)

LED 8-Person Foosball Table


  22”(D) x 67”(W) x 80”(T)

Power:  2-amps

(Attendant is extra if needed)

LED Standard Foosball Table


64"(L) x 30"(W) x 36"(H)

* Includes 4 balls

(Laser Light Included)

Giant Hungry Hippo

$340/hr. (2-hr. min)

Space:  22x22

Power:  1 Dedicated 20-amp 

(Must be staffed by us) 

Giant Jenga


Space:  3x4

Power:  N/A

(Game includes 57 blocks.  Game also comes with a table if we are delivering)

Latter Golf Set

$80 for a set of 2

Space:  4x20

Power:  N/A

tricky triangle game.jpg

Giant Tricky Triangle


Optional: Add Branding Logo - $40

Dimensions:  44" Tall

6 ft. long sides

Photos from a Giant theme event 8/2015

Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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