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Our Record A Hit Booth can cater to 1-3 people at a time.


Here is how it works:


1. Pick a song — over 30,000 songs selection with a top 200 song list

2. Enter booth

3. Technician and guest perform sound check levels

4. Screen will show the words and singing can start

5. Exit booth


That is it!!!  Once the guest(s) come out of the booth, an MP3 version of the performance can be emailed immediately — or for an additional charge, a USB or a CD of their performance can be given to each guest to take at the end of the event. 


We work with you, our client, to create an intro track with anything you choose.  That personalized track will be added to all the MP3 documents your guests will receive in addition to their own.  In addition, our client receives a master of all the performances created at that event.



Please note:

- The booth takes out 75% of the sound in the room. We can help you with placement to minimize the sound from any live entertainment.

- Booth setup or side ballroom area setup.  For a side room setup we can place a speaker outside the booth for all to hear.

  Other options: upgrade to CDs or USB's for each guests



$1400 for up to four hours with an email of the final "hit" to all guests

Extra — CD or USB to each guest — depends on attendance


Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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