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Dancing Head Music Videos

When it comes to your guests creating their own music video -- that is something unique and fascinating.  
We now are even more hi-tech by emailing the guests the videos at the end of their performance.  Client, of course, receives a MASTER copy of all the performances after the event.

A new, innovative, funny and mesmerizing form of party entertainment.   Dance Heads has captivated audiences and participants of all ages. The hilarity begins when participants' heads are superimposed on the bodies of professional dancers. The participants can sing-a-Iong or just laugh and bob their heads to some great pop hits such as "I Feel Good", "Super Freak" , "I will Survive" and many more tunes from which they can participate alone, as a duet, or as a trio, but don't confuse Dance Heads with lip-syncing or karaoke! The outrageous effect is complete with fully animated backgrounds.


With Dance Heads, you can create an event that guests will never forget. It is great for retail and corporate events and anything ranging from Mitzvahs to trade show booths.   


- Requires a 12x12 space

- One dedicated 20-amp standard outlet

- Setup includes a 2-person crew

- Videos can be branded with a logo in the corner.


$2000 for up to three hours and $2400 for four hours

$200 each additional consecutive hour.


Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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