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Delivery, setup, operation, (confetti is extra if needed)

THE CONTINUOUS CONFETTI LAUNCHER has a wired remote for better control


This system runs $60 a day + the cost of preferred confetti

This system needs 10-amps of standard power

Client is welcome to provide confetti

Prices above are client pickup prices from our warehouse -- Zip code 75247.
Delivery, setup, pickup and tech to run the gear are extra, if needed..  Email event info for pricing.

THE CO2 CONFETTI LAUNCHER is best for when you only want 1-3 launches at specific times.  Just pull the handle and away it goes.  This is a single launch action.

You get -- One Launch filled with confetti w/ co2 runs:

$call Medium + $call each additional fill w/ co2

$call Large  + $callfor each additional fill with co2


You just fill it up with confetti and turn on and.... WOW it fills the room.

- Add more confetti to keep it going.

Runs tba (confetti not included) 

System needs 12-amps of standard power

Client is welcome to provide confetti.


This unit is A-MAZING.. It can shoot over 40 yards.

This unit has a distance setting and that makes it possible to get over 100 shots on a tank.

Runs $tba (shirts not included) first day. 1/2 each additional day in a row

no power needed.

No worries ... we will show you how to roll the shirts and place in the launcher...

Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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