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Prices shown are before tax and delivery, setup and pickup is extra based on the order size/trucks needed.

Meet Ali


Ali Rayo started his magic career in 1989 after seeing the great David Copperfield in his hometown of Dallas, TX.  Over the years, his passion for the art of illusion evolved and he has now performed over 1,000 professional shows for more than a million spectators at numerous venues throughout North and Central America.  Ali is fluent in both English and Spanish and is always on the lookout for something new he can add to his act.  If you can guess who his favorite magician is he'll teach you a new trick!


Strolling Magic:  $320 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Magic Shows: Upon Request

Mr. Mime (with Strolling Magic): $400 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Mr. Mime (Without Magic): $340 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Mr. Mime: Balloon Twisting $240 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Hollywood the Clown: Strolling Magic $320 per hour (min. 2 hours)

The Balloon Master: Balloon Twisting: $150 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Look-a-like Charlie Chaplin: Strolling Magic $400 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Look-a-like Scrooge: Strolling Magic $400 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Look-a-like Mr. Monopoly: Strolling Magic $400 per hour (min. 2 hours)


Prices can be slightly higher on Holidays and Fridays/Saturdays in December.

Based on availablity at the time of booking. 

Meet Marty

Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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