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Jeff's Retirement Party ~ RSVP Page 

January 7th, 2023 - see below to RSVP

Jeff's history with WOW


​Fourteen years ago  between switching careers, Jeff was offered a job from his friend's wife, Diamond, promising an easy, drama-free job to keep him busy while he was still searching for his dream job.  Diamond wanted someone at WOW that could be trusted due to many issues with employee thefts of equipment and data.  Jeff reluctantly agreed and that promised easy drama-free job turned into a crazy rollercoaster ride that he will look back and recall laughingly at times -- but not always.  In summary, should Jeff be bored or wish to become a best-selling author, he could easily write a novel unveiling the behind the scenes nightmares and craziness that the clients are never aware of before their most important party.


Thanks to Jeff's hard work behind the scenes, his addition of the successful casino department, his management of the crew and staff and his patience and great humor, we are here to celebrate his successful retirement.  He is very loved and will be sorely missed by the WOW family.   We hope that his next stage in life will be peaceful, and very relaxing.

Your favorite Sports Jersey or Fun Attire
  - not a formal event.

If you have any photos we can include on the photo montage at the event pls email them to

RSVP FORM - By January 2, 2023

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