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It’s almost time… and time for WOW to start working on your graphics for your photo station.


Questions you should know the answer to:
  1.  Want any logos/text overlays ? 
  2.  Theme: Winter/holiday or do you want a mix of holiday and fun graphics?



Many popular graphic options can be found at

password = holiday


NOTE:  When you find a graphic you like, click the left side photo and the photo will then appear larger on the right side of your screen.

Under the photo on the right side it will show a number / a number.. Example 125 /  207.   We need that number.  Just email us your choices.  Welcome to up perhaps 3 for your event.


Want to see a lot more choices?
- go to
- just need the graphic number 
- search for holiday or winter perhaps 



What to create your own?

 if your contract is for 4x6 Prints that equals.

  - at 200 or 300 dpi = 800x1200 pixels or you can do 1200 x 1800 pixels.. either way works. vert or horz.


NOTE:  We recommend you leave any logos/text at least 14 pixels away from the edges of the graphic.

             Sometimes the folder will cover it if too close to the edge.

How do i save the files?   Top layer a png file, back layer a jpg or send up the psd file and we can separate them.



email: or you are welcome to call/text 972-814-6465 with questions.


Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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