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Mondays photo session.   Some from last year.



When you arrive, please sign in with me.  Text/Call with any questions.  972-814-6465 Mike

Thanks so much for beting part of this event.

This is a formal event and ask everyone to dress in a dark suit or equiv.   Nothing sexy.  Very corp friendly.. thanks

Comfortable shoes..   Please be extra nice to everyone and smile a lot.   Please never seem fustrated. 

First photo

but they asked to

see some of the group with the sign now

so they know they got the right group

Groups can only get in line at your station if they are complete.  We will have people at the door making sure they do not come in to the photo room unless they are complete and will assign them to a station.
First photo is a picture of the dry erase board.   Shows.
1.  Group name that you are about to take "Etheridge Roofing"
2.  Your Station Letter (a,b,c,d,e,f,) stays the same the entire time.
3.  What club award the group is in- Admiral on this one.
Not sure if one of the helpers will take care fo the board or if my client will supply someone at the station to write the board.
There will be a list at each station.  We will need to check off the group that comes to your station.

Sample group photos.. scroll down pls. to see more info.

We need to add chairs and stack them back up as needed.  Good Rule of thumb is 8 or over add chairs but it is up to you.
Very important.  If they are holding an award in the photo make sure there you can read it.. No white spots/reflection from the flashes otherwise they need to tilt the top towards the photographer to eliminate it. 
Make sure everyones tie is straight.  Jackets are buttoned if standing and looking nice.  See hand placement is symetrical.  Everyone is slightly turned towards the center.    Very picky about this.  Scan everyone in the photo before taking the photo to make sure all looks perfect with their cloths.  Should not have anyone holding purses, things in there hands.  No name badges as well.
Take at least 5 photos of each group.  99% of the photos should be Horizontal.  Leave some extra space and we can crop later on if needed.  If it group goes off the backdrop.  So be it, as long as they are not off center.
Photographers need to bring:
Camera w/ USB (at least 6 foot) to go from camera to computer
- charged batteries
Lens around a 28-90 will be needed there abouts.
Studio Flashes (2) with your choices of umbrella, or soft boxes
Transmitter/receiver system from camera to flash
Memory card reader (just in case if you have one)
Power cords but we should have power ran to about 20 feet from your station
Anything else you can think of that i might be missing above.
settings around 200-400 iso ... f 7.1 to 8.0 .. shutter at 60 to 100
flash white balance .. no automatic white balance please.


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