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Prices do not include tax and 
delivery, setup and pickup fees

VR/Virtual Reality

VR BIke game.jpeg

VR Biking game where the guest controls the game by riding a bike. You have to peddle to go faster and you lean left / right to move those directions to play the challenging games.

vr gaming 3.jpg
vr gaming 1.jpg
vr gaming 2.jpg
vr basketball shooter game.jpeg
vr ski ball game.jpeg
darts vr.jpg
vr squirt gun shooter.jpg


Games like controlling a race car around a track to riding /controlling a horse and you try to lasso the bad guys on horses.


Peddling is active peddling meaning your speed controls the game play. Also has heart rate and rpm meter.


$750 for a event w/ attendant up to 4 hours. Single unit

$695 for VR without the bike. Headset and two hand items.

$895 Bike Riding games VR


All the gear..

Guests preview TV.. headset gear

Stanchions 10x10 setup.

- up to 4 hours


optional upgrades:

$1200 per station include a Truss setup 10x10 box truss- total

$900 per setup with wall dividers w/ each system $900 total per.. (pic we they had their own tvs on walls we used)

vr gaming setup at event.jpg

Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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