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The Sport Fishing Simulator

Virtual Fishing game using real fishing rods.

You reel them in using a real feel.  Two player game.


Each virtual fishing program uses rare underwater film footage that realistically captures, in exhilarating detail, the strike, explosive runs, jumps and head shaking action of fishing. From the dramatic strike and run of a 100 pound Sailfish to the finesse demanded by a frisky Lake Trout to the intensity of a battle with a 40 pound King Salmon to the missile-like jumps of a trophy Tarpon, the Sport Fishing Simulator delivers an unforgettable fishing experience.


The action on the screen is completely synchronized with the feel on your rod and reel.
A breakthrough in interactive film technology.
The Sport Fishing Simulator combines rare underwater film footage of the strike and fight of popular game fish with an advanced computer system to create sensational, extremely realistic fishing adventures


$1800 for up to 4 hours with "fisherman" attendant.  




*  Digital Scoring Fishing Derbies

* Deco in the photo and a 55" screen



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