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Touch Screen Jukebox rental

This is WOW's brand new -  42” touch-screen jukebox

Guests just love playing with this unit.   Since it is an event for them, why not let them pick all the music during the event?


This jukebox that is specially-made and designed by us has more than 100 music albums (clients are welcome to give us the MUST HAVE's songs specifically designed for their themed event).


For a little more, why not add a karaoke option?  Our karaoke includes top 400 karaoke songs with 2 mics as well as an option to add external speakers. 


Jukebox runs $540 and up (delivery in the Dallas area is included in this price).


External speakers:  $75 each

add a Wireless mic $75

$800 minumum on any delivery order here at Wow

Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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