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Havana NRG!

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About the Band:

Celebrating 15 years of great success, Havana NRG! continues to be one of the strongest up-and-coming Latin orchestras of the world. A lot has happened since our debut in Dallas in the summer of 2002. Not only have we been fortunate enough to perform in every major venue and public event in the State of Texas, but we have also traveled to the surrounding states and as far as New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco. We have also produced our debut CD, Camino al Cielo, which, to ours and the the industry’s surprise, has become very popular in many US markets and in countries like Japan, Italy, and others. A video release followed in December of 2004. 

We have been able to prove that we are indeed “a new breed of Latin band,” the New Rhythm Generation that is taking our collective cultural roots to new levels of performance and musical direction. And we owe our great success not only to a magnificent combination of fantastic musicians, but mainly to very supportive audiences everywhere. Our second CD RECETA PERFECTA released in 2009 captured more fans worldwide and we are blessed for this. 

Today we continue to strive for cutting edge styles of music to evolve and allowing the band to continue our creative production style and present to our fans. We have enjoyed performing weekly at numerous events and touring the country.


Partial Song List:

Classic Salsas
1- Medley Quimbara/Carnaval/Bemba Colora - Celia Cruz
2- Caballo Viejo - Various artist
3- Cali Aji - Grupo Niche
4- Castellano - Beny More
5- El cuarto de Tula - Various artist
6- El gran Varon - Willie Colon
7- Son de la loma - Various artist
8- Idilio - Willie Colon
9- Lagrimas Negras - Trio Matamoros
10- La Mucura - Various artist
11- Lloraras - Oscar d’ leon
12- Negra Tomasa - Various artist

Contemporary Salsas
1- Darte un beso - Jimmy Cruz-Prince Roy
2- Piano - Rey Ruiz/Paquito Hechevarria
3- Vivir mi vida - Marc Anthony
4- Que le den Candela - Celia Cruz
5- Yo no se mañana - Luis Enrique
6- No vale la pena - Issac Delgado
7- Para Celebrar - Salsa Giants
8- Mas que un amigo - Tito Nieves
9- Yo no se mañana - Luis Enrique
11- Como me cambio de Piel - Marc Anthony
13- Hawai - Maluma
17- Hello - Adelle/Batanga
18- Felices los 4 - Maluma - Marc Anthony
19- Parecen viernes - Marc Anthony
20--Lo que te lo di - Marc Anthony
21- Se fue, Adios - Issac Delgado
22- Flor Palida - Marc Anthony
23- Sandunguera - Los Van Van
24- De vuelta pa ;a Vuelta - Marc Anthony/ Daddy Yankee
25- Ya te Olvide - Rocio Durcal/ Los 4 remix

Merengues and Cumbias

1- A pedir su mano - Juan luis Guerra

2- Es Mentiroso - Olga Tañon

3- Chucucha - Ilegales

4- Bilirrubina - Juan luis Guerra

5- Lamento Boliviano

6- La dueña del swing - Los hermanos Rosarios

7- La mordidita - Rikki Martin

8- Subido en el palo - La banda Gorda

9- Chucucha - Ilegales

Merengues electronicos and Medleys Remixes
1- Muchacha - Gente de Zona
2- Omega Mix
Que tengo que hacer - Omega
Que buena tu estas - Fuego
Dandole - Gocho/Omega
3- Get lucky - Pharrel/NRG
4- Good Girl/Timber - Thicke/Pitbull/NRG
5- 24k - Bruno Mars/NRG
6- Ladies Night - Cool and the gang/NRG
8- Como en las Vegas - Olga Tañon
9- Esto esta Rico - Mark Anthony/Bad Bunny/NRG
10-Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars/NRG

Regeaton , Cumbiaton and Timbaton Mixes

1- El Taxi - Osmany Garcia/Pitbull/NRG

2-Otro Trago - Sech/ los 4
3-Con calma - Daddy Yankee/ Mandinga
4- Sin Pijama (salsa version) - Becky G and Natty Natacha.
5- Que Vola Que Vuelta - El Micha
6- Un loco con una moto - Pupy y los que son so
7- Suma y Resta - Gilberto Sta Rosa y el Micha
8- Date la Vuelta - Luis Fonsi/ Nicki Jam
9- Justicia - Natt Natacha/Silvestre
10-La Bicileta - Carlos Vives/Shakira
11- Ay dos mio/ Bichota - Carol G Remix

1- Carnaval - Celia Cruz
2- Juana la cubana - Las chicas del Kan
3- La gota fria - Carlos Vives
4- La Murga - Willie Colon
5- Mi sufrir - Sonora Margarita
6- Nunca es suficiente - Los Angeles Azules/ Natalia L
7- Que bello - Sonora Margarita
8- Se me perdio la cadenita - Oscar de Leon

Cha-cha-cha and boleros
1- Bodeguero - Orquesta Aragon
2- Engañadora - Orquesta Aragon
3- Obsesion - Toña la Negra
4- Pa’ Gozar - D.R
5- Vacilon - Orquesta Aragon
6- Perfidia (violin) - Various Artist
7- Piel canela (violin) - Various Artist
8- Oye como va - Tito Puentes
9- Como fue (violin) - Various Artist
10- Yerberito - Celia Cruz
11- Usted es la culpable (violin) - Various Artist

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