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Karaoke (with or without DJ)

Karaoke w/ DJ Setup

Over 30,000 Songs.

2 Wireless mics

1 27" TV on stand

DJ that MCs the Karaoke


DJs / Disc Jockeys

We can handle any size event with all types of music.

From beat mixing club DJs to Weddings and Bar MItzvah 

DJs we have it all.  We can even add some line dancers and party motivators to WOW the crowd.

Box Karaoke Machine

Who needs a DJ when you have the Oke Box Karaoke Machine. Our machine has thousands of songs in English, Spanish, and other languages. It includes (2) wireless microphones and rechargeable batteries for each. Also includes the monitor, speakers, and touch screen system of music selection. While one person or pair are singing, the next person or pair can be selecting the song they want next. No attendant required!


One day event – $450 delivered

Two days – $650 delivered

up to one week – $895 delivered

- Dallas area


Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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