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Cash Cubes

                   Dallas Cash Cube Rental


With our cash cube rental you have the option of placing real money in the cube or allowing us to provide you with fake money.  This machine is a blast to be in and to just watch others.   Comes with an LED scrolling text display at the top.



$780-$900 for up to 8 hours of use in the Dallas area- based on easy load in/out.


Supervision when in use, one 15-amp standard outlet.

This machine is NOT weather proof -- it can only go outside if there is no chance of rain in the forecast or fully covered or tented. 


For more viewing pleasure for your guests, place the cash cube on a raiser. 


Important information for your convention services supplier:


-  We will have a cargo van - Econoline 250 to load in.
-  Machine weighs 325 lbs.
-  Grade load in, no forklift, loaders or decorators necessary.
-  Machine rolls into place.
-  We setup your event after the carpet, furniture and fixtures are in place -- it

                  is best for us to be the last setup before the party.  
-  Machine requires one 10-amp / 110 volt AC power.

Measurements:   7.6' tall but requires 8' to tilt into place.
                                 It has 3' wide by 4' deep footprint. 
                                 Door opens on another 3' x 4' footprint to stage left. 
                                 Total minimum foot print 6' wide x 4' deep.


Often we do have minimum order fees on prime dates and in December.


Dallas Inflatable Cash Cube Rental



includes delivey, setup and pickup in the Dallas area.


$320 if you wihs to pickup from us.

Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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