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How it works?

Up to four players challenge each other in a shooting gallery game.  (Several games to pick from)

The game shows the score for each player and how many shots they have left.  

The game has amazing and realistic graphics and sound.

The darker the area the better.. This game cannot be played outside during the day.  

All played on a 7x8 foot screen.

Up to 4 Player Shooting Gallery


Large 8ft. Screen • Up to 4 players • Several Game Options


$1200 up to four hours with a 1-man crew in the Dallas area but we do travel all over the USA if needed.  Just call/email us for pricing.

-  Minimum of a 8x9ft. space. 12x10 is ideal.  

-  THE DARKER THE AREA THE BETTER.  No added room lighting should be focused on the screen and/or screen area.  

-  The system will not work great with any sunlight hitting the screen.


Dallas / DFW Dance Floor Rentals

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