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Taiko Drummers

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About the Band:

Taiko Drums enriches the lives of our members and audiences by learning, performing, and preserving the Japanese art of taiko.Since the group's founding in 1996, Taiko Drummers has expanded its cultural influence across Texas and the South. We reach thousands of people each year through concerts, festivals, and classes.By fusing traditional instruments with modern rhythms, Taiko Drummers strives to respectfully advance taiko as an art form, and to inspire audiences in Texas and beyond.

Taiko's high-energy performances delight audiences large and small with a blend of traditional and modern musical styles. We travel throughout Texas and across the South. Taiko Drummers is a fixture at cultural events in several states, including the Houston Japan Festival, New Orleans Japan Fest, and the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival.


Over the last eighteen years Taiko Drums has performed at concerts, government and corporate events, outdoor festivals, parades, lectures, school events, sporting events, awards ceremonies, banquets, and taiko workshops. We can accommodate a wide range of performance venues, from private events to feature concerts and citywide festivals.

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